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Are you looking to adopt a new dog? By going through a dog rescue, you will be saving the life of a dog who would otherwise be euthanized at a local shelter or county pound.

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About Dog Rescues

Dog Rescues was created out of the need to help those who want to adopt a dog, to find a dog rescue located near their location. Most dog rescues are non-profit/charitable organizations that rely on the help and support of people like you.

Many of these rescue groups have limited budgets and therefore may not be able to promote their services or reach a large number of people without additional help. That is where Dog Rescues comes in.

Want to adopt a dog?

Our mission is to help those who are seeking a dog, to find one at a local dog rescue in their area. 

Need to rehome your dog?

We understand the difficult decision to rehome a dog. Many, but not all dog rescues can help you rehome your pup.

Looking for advise?

If you have ever had a rescue dog, you know that their care can be different than a dog that was bought at a store or local breeder. 

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